Reserve Gear

The LMCFilms reservation system is OPEN for the Fall 23-24 school year.

LMCFilms provides professional cameras, lights, and audio equipment to students and faculty.  To make a reservation, please visit lmcfilmseqcheckout and create a new account.  You will be able to reserve gear after your account is approved. The type of gear you may reserve is dependent on your level of experience. From lowest to highest they are Production Assistant (PA), Department Head, and Showrunner.  To ‘level up’ you either need to take one of the filmmaking courses offered through LMC (3406, 3407, 3258, etc), or attend the filmmaking workshops conducted by LMCFilms.


Here are the new policies for the 2023-2024 school year: 

1. All reservations must be submitted 48 hours in advance. No Exceptions

2. There is a rental fee to reserve Advanced and Pro equipment. The published rates are based on 4-day rentals.

3. Students enrolled in LMC 3406, or who are active members of BuzzStudios are eligible for a 50% discount. Email: Prof. Thornton ( for the discount code.

4. We must receive payment BEFORE you pick up your kit. Rental fees help us maintain the equipment and resources in the lab.

5. Patrons are limited to 1 (one) camera kit per reservation and 2 (two) light kits per reservation.

The video below explains how to create an account on Eqcheckout